THURSDAY, JUNE 1 @ 5:00pm

For those interested in volunteering to COLLECT the American Flags, please join us at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery at 5pm, Thursday June 1st. All 50,000 American Flags will be collected, surveyed, and carefully stored for use next year.


Stay posted for future fundraising opportunities currently being organized!

Donations Needed, Please Share FFFS!

We have a surplus of volunteers for 2017, but need donations to fund more American Flags. Every SHARE Means the World to Us- Thank You!

Volunteer Registration

Register up to 4 volunteers per form.

Please feel free to send additional forms if you have larger groups- The more the merrier!


Volunteer Registration

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Memorial Morning

5:30am – 6:30am

1) Arrive through GATE 3.
2) Check-In at FFFS Volunteer Station.
3) Pick Up T-Shirts if You Ordered.

6:45am – 7:00am

Flag Placement & Cemetery Protocol


Begin Flag Placement in Assigned Areas


All flag placement efforts must be completely halted.


We invite you to join us in the observance of the Fort Snelling Memorial Day Ceremony.

The cemetery is located south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport on 34th Avenue. From the airport, take Highway 5 West toward Highway 494 west. Take the exit ramp for 34th Avenue and turn right at the stop light. Cemetery main entrance is the first gate on the right.

Please visit our About Fort Snelling page for additional rules of the cemetery grounds, and interesting historical information.


Flag Distributors follow the very honorable and strict rules of Flag Etiquette. They will walk the grounds of the Fort Snelling National Cemetery and place Flags on the grave sites of American Veterans. Minors are welcome to partake in this event, though they will be expected to adhere to respectful behavior: no running, no yelling, and staying with their guardian.


The volunteer position of a Flag Runner is especially important to the Flags for Fort Snelling mission. We receive requests from people who want to honor their loved ones but cannot personally be there to place it. Flag Runners will receive a list of names and the locations of the grave sites. They will walk to place a flag, and take a photo of the headstone with their phone. Flags for Fort Snelling will then share the image with the requester.

This unique offer of effort is a very special part of Flags for Fort Snelling, giving us a chance to offer a connection to those who are unable to personally visit the loved ones they lost.


Flag Collectors volunteer to return to the Fort Snelling National Cemetery to help collect the viable American Flags still standing, so that they can be collected and preserved for the next Memorial Day. We will be returning to the cemetery on (Date/Time TBD), and will send out more details as they become available. We will contact all Flag Collector volunteers via email with as much notice as we can possibly give.

Memorial Day Details & Rules

Please read through each of these notes about Memorial Day morning. Thank You!

1. ARRIVAL/PARKING: We ask that everyone enter through GATE 3. Turn left on West Outer Drive, then right on First Drive to park. They ask everyone to stay for the duration of the ceremony, but if you must leave, please do so with minimal disturbance possible.
(see map)
for check-in, instructions and assigned areas.

2. DISTRIBUTION: We will be gathering away from the ceremony area, so expect a fair amount of walking. We will walk to the areas we are placing flags, and will have pre-designated vehicles parked near the areas as flag holding stations. (more details on the morning of)

3. WEATHER/APPAREL: We will be placing flags Rain or Shine. We will only cancel if the Parade/Ceremony is cancelled. Please bring any weather appropriate apparel to be prepared. (we will post any changes to Facebook.)

4. BRINGING FLAGS: Fort Snelling National Cemetery asks for total uniformity. If you are intending on bringing your own flags, they will need to be the 8″ x 12″ flags with wooden staffs. We ask that you please bring them to a FFFS Staff Member so that we can ensure uniformity.

5. *FLAG RUNNERS: We will have a Flag Runner Leader to provide instructions for this very important position. We do not have many Placement Requests, but they are all so important to our mission. The cemetery does not want anyone showing up in full running gear, though tennis shoes are acceptable. In fact, they ask that we not run, but keep to a brisk walk as we place the individual flags.

6. *FLAG COLLECTORS: For those of you who will be returning to the cemetery to help collect the American flags, please plan on meeting back at the National Cemetery on TBD- Update Soon (We will send additional details prior to collection with further details.)

7. CEMETERY RULES: Please respect the rules of Fort Snelling.

  • NO RUNNING in the cemetery.
  • NO LEANING on, sitting on, or resting body or limbs on headstones or monuments.
  • DO NOT PICK UP any flowers or flags (unless you see the flag has fallen to the ground)
  • DO NOT TOUCH any of the coins that were placed on top of the headstones or around the headstone.
  • NO ADVERTISING of any kind while on the cemetery grounds.

8. FLAG ETIQUETTE: Memorial Day is the only day when flags can be used to decorate military graves, according to the National Cemetery Administration Directives. The flags can be placed by relatives of the soldier, by veteran’s groups, such as the American Legion, or by members of the community.

If a flag falls to the ground or is dropped, please hold that flag separately from the rest until it can be inspected by FFFS Staff Members.


9. FLAG PLACEMENT: There are specific instructions for how to place a flag on a gravesite, which will be given on Memorial morning. We ask that you take great care with every flag that is placed, and that you pay close attention when these instructions are given.