Flags for Fort Snelling

The 2nd Annual Minnesota Remembers Event of 2019 was a Success!

Nearly 200,000 flags placed by over 6,000 volunteers in honor of the 200,000 heroes laid to rest at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. It all started around 5am when the silence of the foggy Sunday morning was cut by the squeal of the opening cemetery gates. The Delegates made their way through the cemetery, preparing the grounds so public volunteers can have the privilege of honoring our fallen with an American flag for Memorial Day.

In the meantime, more Flag Placement Volunteers start arriving: Everyone was laughing and smiling, excited to get to their positions and see if we can do it again; Blanket the Fort Snelling National Cemetery in waves of Red, White, and Blue.

Even with a few hiccups, the day was a fantastic and memorable experience. Families and friends made memories as they came together to achieve an incredible feat. From sunset to sundown, Minnesota Remembers 2019 was another success!

Now, join us on our mission to raise the funds for a PERMANENT FLAG COLLECTION for Fort Snelling National Cemetery, to ensure this tradition continues for generations!

we do

2018 marked the first year in over three decades that Minnesota honored every hero laid to rest at Fort Snelling National Cemetery with an American Flag on Memorial Day: A staggering quantity of nearly 200,000 flags and counting. Join the thousands of Minnesotans in restoring this annual tradition of remembrance in honor of our fallen every Memorial weekend. Every donation, every volunteer, every share makes a difference to our mission.


With your incredible help! We couldn’t have achieved our goals last year if it weren’t for the thousands of volunteers and of donations, both large and small, that all came together to make it all happen. The flags were purchased, placed, honored, collected, and stored for another year’s use. But now it is time to invest in a sustainable solution that will last for decades, easier to store and sort, and much stronger for placement.


we do it


$21,779 of $750,000 raised

Flags for Fort Snelling is excited to announce taking a huge sustainable step forward with an all-new flag staff designed to last decades!

The new flags will be an incredible savings for the environment and our bottom dollar. While FFFS will be reusing the flags from past years for 2019, our goal is to replace every flag with a sustainable staff for Memorial Day 2020!
Please help us get the word out! Challenge your classrooms or office to host a fundraising contest, talk to your VFW and Legion Leaders. Minnesotan’s are rebuilding this tradition together, and we need your help for this exciting improvement to our mission!
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Love the purpose and all it stands for. The day one decides to sacrifice their freedom to protect another is the day that individual is forever in my heart. Thank you to all past, present and future soldiers and their families.

In honor of our Dad, Ronal T. Rassel who passed on Aug. 28, 2018 we are honored to pass on the memorial donations that we given to our family in his memory.

We placed flags Sat morning & were so impressed by the way this was run & set up. Everything ran so smoothly! Thank you to everyone involved, it was an honor to be a part of it. We would definitely make this an annual event with our family.

I’ve asked for a flag to be placed on my cousin’s grave for Memorial Day! Thank you for doing this and God Bless you.
Thomas (Tommy) Shannon was my cousin. He had a great sense of humor and was always so much fun! The last time I saw him before he deployed, he took us younger kids to get an ice cream cone. It was a hot day and as he was driving, his ice cream was melting down his arm. He threw the cone out the car window and his dog followed it out the window. The dog was unhurt, just lapping up the ice cream. We all were rolling on the ground laughing! It never occurred to me that I would never see him again.
He died defending a hill in Viet Nam. He was only 22 years old!

Can’t say in words how much this project means to me.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity another year for placing flags. This year I placed one for my grandfather and grandparents along with others who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Ft Snelling is a sacred place full of men and women we can never truly thank enough. Driving through the gates today and seeing all of the flags was breath stopping. Thank you!

Thank you to the Veteran who while placing a flag at my Grandfather’s grave, also put a shiny penny atop his gravestone (and so many others). Thank you for your service and for volunteering at Fort Snelling.

This group…..these amazing people….. there are no words to express the feeling of pride, love, honor and thankfulness when you go into fort Snelling and see a flag one every site! To know that there are people willing to show this much respect and give this much time to families they have never met is heart warming. I say a huge thank you to every volunteer and every person that is part of this group. You will never know the importance of what you do and how much it means to so many!

Combat Veterans MN , as a group we were honored to assist in placing Flags on the graves of our fallen brothers and sisters!

I received my email/photo this morning. Thank you so much to everyone who donated their time and money for this special project. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸