New & Exclusive Trust Vets Events and Specials just for you!

Trust-Vets_Veteran-Online-Business-Directory_LogoWe want to take a moment to highlight the continued efforts of Trust Vets. In the public eye, you’ll see their mission to connect America with Veterans in Business; encouraging America to use the Business Directory every time they are looking to hire a local service.

The part the public doesn’t see as much of, are the amazing events and opportunities that Trust Vets presents to their members to support each other. You wouldn’t believe some of the amazing stories Trust Vets has helped to create. From incredible success stories of a Veteran-Owned Business after joining Trust Vets, to the heartwarming tales of friendships and bonds that have developed as a result of the connections.

Trust Vets Events and Specials

Click the link above to check out the Trust Vets and Specials they have available, all in support of driving business to American Veterans. You’ll find networking opportunities, inspirational speakers, and wonderful events that you’ll want to attend and encourage the Veterans in your life to join.


MORE BIG SPECIALS and TRUST VETS EVENTS for the TRUST VETS Family, Members and Patriots include:

  • Permit to Carry Classes for only $50 offered Saturday 2/13/2016 by Trust Vets Member, Don Raleigh, owner of Evolve Systems.

  • Third Thursday Social Mixer at Veteran owned Wander North Distillery offered by TRUST VETS member Brian Winter on Thursday 2/18/2016.

  • Trust Vets Member, Erik Therwanger, author of The Think GREAT Collection, will share concepts on Wednesday 3/23/2016 from his acclaimed book, The LEADERSHIP Connection to help leaders to fulfill much more than their position, but rather, their purpose as leaders.

    + Eight opportunities for business networking in the months of February and March!  CLICK HERE FOR NETWORKING DETAILS

Before you hire a local service, be sure you visit for a trusted business directory of American Veterans. Show your support of the success of our Veterans here on our home soil, by driving business in their direction. Trust Vets. They’ve earned it. 

-Rocky Borchardt

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