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Flag Requests are Closed for the 2018 Season

Thank you for your support and we’re sorry if we missed your request. We have to close the submissions for the seasons to leave our runners the time to place all of the requests. Please think of us next year!

We do not charge for this personalized effort and are a 100% Volunteer Non-Profit Organization. Please consider a donation, or consider leaving your raving Review on our Facebook today!

Flag Placement Requests

  1. Provide Your Contact Information

  2. Provide Name & Military Info of Your Hero

  3. Provide Section & Site Information from the online GraveLocator

  4. Stay Tuned to over Memorial Weekend

On Saturday morning of Minnesota Remembers, our Flag Runner Volunteer Teams provide a virtual connection between the heroes laid to rest at Fort Snelling and the people who cannot personally visit the cemetery. The teams will venture out to locate the site from each request, place an American Flag, take a photo, and share the image on our website and Facebook feed so you can see and share the memorial of your loved one on Memorial Day.


Please use this Nationwide Gravesite Locater to help provide the information we will need to located where your loved one is laid to rest.

1. Select “FORT SNELLING NATIONAL CEMETERY, MN” from the list of cemeteries

2. Enter your loved one’s name: First and Last

3. Enter their birthdate if it’s known

4. Click the “GO” button

5. Find your loved one in the list of results and apply the information to the Flag Placement Request Form


It’s a free way to make a big difference!