Author: KARE 11 Staff  |  Published: 11:25 AM CDT March 12, 2018  |  Updated: 2:13 PM CDT March 30, 2018

Help put flags on every grave at Fort Snelling on Memorial Day

The goal is to purchase flags that can be placed on every grave each Memorial Day. Support this mission with a financial contribution to purchase 200,000 flags and by volunteering to place the flags on our heroes gravesites.

MINNEAPOLIS – KARE 11 is teaming up with Flags for Fort SnellingRBCU, and VantagePoint Marketing to honor those that have served in the United States Military by raising the funds needed to honor the heroes laid to rest at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery with an American Flag on Memorial Day. This hasn’t been accomplished at Fort Snelling in more than thirty years. This goal is ambitious and the organizations involved will need community support to see it accomplished.

How you can help:

Make a donation to help purchase flags. $225,000 will need to be raised to honor each hero that has been laid to rest at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Every donation, large or small, makes a difference. You can also sign up to be one of the 7,000 volunteers needed to help place flags over memorial day weekend.

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  1. Shawn Anderson
    Shawn Anderson says:

    I was at the cemetery today to visit my father’s stone. He is 658B. There were no flags in the area. I heard on tv this morning that they put over 200,000 flags out today. I was happy to hear that, so when I went out to the cemetery, I didn’t bring a flag to put at his stone as I was of the impression that there would already be one there. I can’t go back tomorrow. I was so unhappy as were a few others that were visiting people in the same area. I would not take a flag from someone else’s stone as that is just not okay. I just want to know that someone is going to put flags on the B section 600 ranges. Could someone please get back to me on this. I wasn’t very nice about seeing the stone with no flag by it or on any in the whole area. Thank you.


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