It was an honor to place an American Flag in the name of Troy Walker. Their service and sacrifice for our freedom and country will never be forgotten. Thank you, Matt Kamaski, for remembering our fallen this Memorial Day. #MNRemembers

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  1. Shirley Doffing
    Shirley Doffing says:

    I was trying to find the photo of flag brought to my Fathers gravesite that I donated for. I went through the page a couple of times and did not see it. I do have chronic pain so it is hard for me to sit and go through and maybe could have missed it. Sorry if I did. He is buried in sec. 7 -666

    • MacKenzie Anderson
      MacKenzie Anderson says:

      Hello Shirley,

      What is your father’s name? I’d be more than happy to look it up for you!


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