Flags for Fort Snelling Mission Statement

To revive and reroot the honored tradition of placing an American Flag at every headstone of Fort Snelling National Cemetery on Memorial Day by organizing the fundraising, volunteers, and flags needed to achieve the massive annual tradition.

Flags for Fort Snelling started with

a meager three thousand little American flags that hardly stood taller than the beautiful grass of the cemetery grounds. But thanks to the reach of social media [FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK!] and the support of the news media, matched with the effort of masses of Minnesotans, we keep passing our growth milestones at incredible speed!

Within 3 years, our organization went from placing a few thousand little flags, to 10,000 of the 30″ standard size staffs, then onto 50,000 and finally, yes finally we covered the cemetery grounds with nearly 200,000 flags! And we intend to do the same every year for generations to come, but with the new sustainable option of the retractable flags.<--click to learn more]

We keep hitting our goals as Flags for Fort Snelling grows!

Step 1–– Blanket Fort Snelling National Cemetery with an American Flag on every headstone on Memorial Day
Step 2–– Establish a sustainable system, including a collection of permanent, retractable flags to replace the disposable wooden staffs not designed for the heavy use we require. Once we’ve obtained the full count of new flags…
Step 3–– Map and write out the annual steps for the Memorial Day season, including the year-round fundraising efforts, to file in order as an Operations Handbook, to keep the organization moving forward with their Veteran-focused purposes.