Donations to Flags for Fort Snelling will be used to support the production of the new sustainable flag staff. Our goal is to have 250,000 of the new flag design by 2020. This would be enough inventory to cover Fort Snelling’s growth for over ten years, then only needing to replenish enough each year (5,000+ flags) to cover cemetery growth and lost flags.

Flags for Fort Snelling Donations

In 2017, Flags for Fort Snelling started raising funds to support the purchase, care and storage of 10,000 American flags. In 2018, we drastically increased our goal and ended up raising over $300,000 to purchase 200,000 flags! The rest of the funds have been used to support the Minnesota Remembers event, buses, golf carts, printing, hundreds of totes, annual storage, and more.

For 2019, we begin the fundraising effort to support the purchase of a new sustainable flag staff! Our current flags can only last a year or two before needing replacement. This new retractable plastic flag staff will be substantially more durable and is designed to contain the flag within an outer shell for protection. This flag could last decades and be an incredible cost and environmental savings!

Thank you for every effort and contribution, it is amazing how much support we have received in honor of our American Heroes. CLICK HERE  to download a copy of our 501c3 to write off your donation.


$21,779 of $750,000 raised

Flags for Fort Snelling is excited to announce taking a huge sustainable step forward with an all-new flag staff designed to last decades!

The new flags will be an incredible savings for the environment and our bottom dollar. While FFFS will be reusing the flags from past years for 2019, our goal is to replace every flag with a sustainable staff for Memorial Day 2020!
Please help us get the word out! Challenge your classrooms or office to host a fundraising contest, talk to your VFW and Legion Leaders. Minnesotan’s are rebuilding this tradition together, and we need your help for this exciting improvement to our mission!
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